$1000 Best rate guarantee

$1000 guarantee is simple. Compare our rates on the same day that you are provided a locked loan estimate from a local bank with publicly published rates. You must provide us with a LOCKED loan estimate to beat. Make a full application with us so that we can provide you with a loan estimate to compare.

Mortgage Expert, Inc.’s $1000.00 Guarantee (“$1000.00 Guarantee”) applies to standard fixed-rate FHA, VA and Fannie Mae conventional first-lien mortgages with a minimum loan amount of $100,000 and maximum loan amount of $726,200.

$1000.00 Guarantee does not apply to loans types which Mortgage Expert, Inc. is not approved to offer and/or loans which are ineligible for approval via our wholesale lending channel(s).

$1000.00 Guarantee offer is only available to borrowers seeking new mortgage loans. Existing mortgage loans are ineligible.

Loan rates must be compared on the same day and Mortgage Expert, Inc. must be provided the opportunity to compete on the same day the borrower receives a locked loan estimate from a local bank.

In the event Mortgage Expert, Inc. cannot offer a lower loan rate than a competing local bank offer, the borrower must provide Mortgage Expert, Inc. with a valid locked loan estimate dated the same day as the one provided by us. The borrower must provide a valid loan commitment for Mortgage Expert, Inc. to beat along with proof of closing from a local bank provided the local bank offer is deemed valid per the above terms and conditions, Mortgage Expert, Inc. will issue the borrower $1000.00 USD.